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Filippo Bisciglia –

Filippo Bisciglia, in addition to letting himself go during the interview on TvBlog told about Temptation Island, also wanted to underline the forgiveness received by Maria De Filippi.

During Friends Celebrities Filippo Bisciglia had a little discussion with the presenter during a live broadcast of the program. Indeed, among them there was a small misunderstanding that became even greater due to a response given by Filippo himself.

Social media in that period, in fact, went crazy at the thought that because of that dispute had live Channel 5, Filippo no longer had the opportunity to participate as a conductor in Temptetion Island Vip, a program created by the same Maria De Filippi.

Filippo Bisciglia tells about the forgiveness received

During the interview with TvBlogFilippo also wanted to tell in what relationship he is now with Maria De Filippi. In fact, the presenter has always had a very strong but at the same time very understanding character. His nervousness during the evening with Bisciglia thus left fans of the program and of both conductors speechless.

Filippo Bisciglia receives forgiveness
Maria De Filippi –

No one in fact would have expected a clash and a “Hard face” by Maria De Filippi towards Filippo precisely for his ways of always being patient and peaceful.
From that moment on for the rest of the year the fear of not seeing Filippo at the helm of Temptation Island has left fans in doubt until the past few weeks.

During the interview, however, Filippo wanted to tell what relationship he is now with Maria De Filippi, surprising all his fans. What were your words?

Conductor and the words on Maria De Filippi

Filippo Bisciglia he has not lost an opportunity to tell how he is still with Maria De Filippi, leaving all his fans very surprised at the words spent. The conductor thus stated that: “It ended immediately there, we clarified ourselves. It is as if two people who know each other are discussing something that happened at the table in a bar. It was a real moment. Truer than that, there isn’t! Maria and the production of Friends they were good at not hiding anything and airing it equally, without fear, even if it was a recorded program. It was just like that. The truth does not hide. I was so sorry, eh, Maria is also sorry … But it is as if two friends who know each other discuss. The nice thing is that everything aired. “

Filippo Bisciglia receives forgiveness
Filippo Bisciglia –

Filippo’s words thus reassured everyone and put an end to the many doubts about the relationship the conductor has with Maria De Filippi.

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