FIIDO D11, the 100 km autonomous folding eBike is coming


FIIDO, the Chinese brand of folding electric bicycles, is about to present one of its most interesting models, the D11. The most interesting promise is undoubtedly autonomy that should reach 100 km. To achieve this goal FIIDO has revised the design, now more modern than other models already on the market, limiting its weight, an element that affects battery consumption since it requires the electric motor to develop more energy to maintain the speed set by the pedal.

The 36V and 11.6Ah battery is hidden in the frame, practically invisible to the eyes, does not affect modern and minimalist forms. The D11 does not lose the peculiarities of all FIIDO models, that is the possibility of folding up to take up little space. With its 13 kg of weight, much less than other models, it becomes even easier to load it in the car or on public transport.

The electric motor is 250 watts and is capable of carrying the bicycle easily at a cruising speed of 25 km / h. A pedal assist mode, and probably a fully electric one, will certainly be available. A 7-speed Shimano gearbox, probably the same that we have tried on other models, such as the M1, will allow you to adapt your pedaling to different driving conditions.

From the images we get other information. It will offer a double disc brake, front and rear, which will probably be able to lock the bicycle almost instantly considering also the low weight, front and rear light, an on-board computer from which you can select the driving mode and, hopefully, see also speed.

The wheels will be larger than many other FIIDO models, and will thus be able to ensure greater stability and control while driving. We don’t know the price yet. FIIDO D11 will be presented by the end of June through an Indiegogo campaign that you can find at this link.

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