Fight Crab, a 3D crab and lobster fighting game served on Switch and PC –


First rule of Fight Crab: don’t talk about the Fight Crab. This is how we imagine the introduction of Fight Crab, a madman fighting in 3D to check crabs, lobsters and other crustaceans, is about to arrive on Nintendo Switch and PC. To show the madness of the project, at the foot of the news we also present a spectacular trailer and some accompanying images.

The Nintendo Switch game is currently only available in Japan, but the Fight Crab card should also contain English. The Steam version, however, is available to everyone and can be reached at this address. The launch date is a generic 2020, but the game should be released soon.

In Fight Crab we will control one of the many crustaceans present in the roster inside arenas in 3D, coincidentally quite crazy. We will go from a city with traffic to a weapons room in full medieval style. We can fight bare claws (or similar) or using weapons bludges of various kinds, but there will also be space for special moves and all that is necessary in a fighting game to be respected.

Let’s say – very likely – we will never see Fight Crab atEVO, but the foundations for a fun game seem to be all there. How do you like it? Mixed fried things?

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