Fifa 21, release date, news, prices and everything you need to know!


The conference will take place on 11 June EA Play Live, broadcast this year exclusively in streaming given the emergency COVID-19, in which Electronic Arts will present some of the titles to be released during the autumn, titles among which there should of course also be FIFA 21!

As the event approached, we decided, as usual, to publish an article with all the information that is currently available on the next chapter of the well-known football saga EA Sports

Fifa 21 exit

The coronavirus emergency has certainly also had an impact on the gaming industry and this is why many feared a postponement of the FIFA 21 release date

However, as pointed out by insider Danial Ahmad, EA Sports actually confirmed the traditional autumn release in the latest financial report.

It is probable that the exact date will be revealed during the EA Play Live event but one of the hypotheses circulating is that of the September 25, 2020.

As it is now happening in recent years there could be, for those who buy the special editions (Champions Edition and Ultimate Edition) the opportunity to start playing 3 days in advance, from September 22, with subscribers to the service EA Access, available from last year also on Playstation, which could start trying Fifa 21 for 10 hours from 18 or 19 September

Fifa 21 on PS5, Ps4 Xbox One and Xbox Series X, as well as on PC!

Between late November and the Christmas period Sony and Microsoft will release the new generation consoles, Playstation 5 and Xbox One Series X and on both of these platforms FIFA 21 will also debut!

Microsoft has already confirmed that through the function Smart Delivery those who purchase a game (among those compatible with this technology) on Xbox One they can then download the next-gen update for free for Xbox Series X, without having to buy it a second time and keeping the progress achieved

EA Sports has announced support for smart delivery for Madden 21, the title dedicated to American Football, and the same is likely to happen for FIFA 21.

According to some rumors, Sony, in the coming weeks, should also reveal a functionality similar to smart delivery to “migrate” games from PS4 to PS5.

In addition to consoles, as usual, FIFA 21 will of course also be available for PC with operating system Windows 10.

Still uncertain about the release on Nintendo Switch where, as happened with FIFA 20, a version may simply be available “Legacy” without new features and with only updated uniforms and teams

Fifa 21: news

Needless to say, until the announcement of 11 June, there is practically no official information on what could be the news arriving on FIFA 21.

To tell the truth, very few rumors are circulating at the moment, rumors based mostly on hypotheses and on no concrete clue.

The first, and probably the most realistic one, is the one that sees the arrival of online modes on Football time, the new” Fifa Street introduced on FIFA 20, which has not achieved the success that Electronic Arts expected, perhaps precisely because of the absence of modalities that allowed, for example, to play online against a friend or in 3vs3 or 4vs4 or 5vs5, Pro Clubs style .

It cannot be excluded that, to monetize this method, EA Sports does not decide to introduce mechanisms similar to the Fortnite Battle Pass, with contents, mostly of an aesthetic nature and dedicated to avatar customization, available only for a fee.

As for the licenses, the absence of the should also be confirmed for this year Juventus, whose exclusivity agreement with Konami for PES will continue until at least 2022. Once again, therefore, especially fans of the coaching career, they will face the Piedmont Football.

Of course, they will not be missing Champions League, Europa League and new entries Copa Libertadores is Copa Sudamericana

A rumor that has been around since last autumn is the one that would like it Ligue 1 like the next “full license” championship, in the style of what is happening in the Premier League, La Liga and, since last year in the Bundesliga, with a large number of players with face scan and all or almost all the stadiums of the teams in the league French. At the moment, however, there seems to be little, if any, to support this hypothesis.

With the increase in the number of competitions that introduced the VAR, it cannot be excluded that in FIFA 21 EA Sports may introduce some interlude scenes to simulate their use. Of course, as reiterated by the developers in the past few months, it would only be an animation in itself, without any impact on the arbitration decisions since fouls, offside, etc., in a football video game are already managed by artificial intelligence and do not need for additional visual support.

On the FUT side, it is likely that new icons will be added, as per tradition.

In recent days, the rumor has circulated that the closure of the Web App (the one for PC, accessible by browser) will circulate to counteract phenomena such as bots and the sale of credits, possible thanks to the presence of a FUT access system via personal computer. . The Companion App, the smartphone application, would continue to be developed. We do not know at the moment how much truth there can be in such rumors, with a possible absence of the Web App, and consequently of the possibility of accessing the FUT database through external software, which would risk undermining even sites such as Futbin, which precisely through these tools manage to collect data such as prices on the card market.

Fifa 21: who will be on the cover?

Probably, as happened for FIFA 20, we will have to wait until the end of July to find out the player, or the players, present on the cover image of the game.

It cannot be excluded that as for last year Electronic Arts decides to choose 3 different covers for the 3 versions of the game, Standard Edition, Champions Edition and Ultimate Edition.

So many rumors circulating at the moment, from Heung Min Son, the most voted in the online survey of the FifPlay site, a Kevin De Bruyne, Mohamed Salah, or the new talents of European and world football like Kylian Mbappé is Erling Braut Håland, just as there may be a reconfirmation of Virgil Van Dijk

Fifa 21: editions and prices

On the prices and editions side, those of recent years should be substantially confirmed, with Fifa 21 Standard Edition for € 69.99, FIFA 21 Champions Edition for € 89.99 is Fifa 21 Ultimate Edition (available only in digital version) for 99.99 €

Naturally, it will be necessary to wait for the presentation of 11 June to know in detail what the special contents of each edition will be. Pre-orders could also start on the same day and the first ones may appear offers online for the discounted purchase of FIFA 21.

That is all for the moment! The appointment is for Thursday 11 June, at 1 am Italian time, with EA Play Live on the Youtube channel of EA Sports FIFA

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