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Fiat Panda Easy Hybrid: price, engine and photos


Aesthetics, dimensions and accessories. The Easy Hybrid is thus positioned below the City Cross with a look designed for use in the urban environment and without the sister’s off-road ambitions. The only detail that differentiates it aesthetically from the Easy versions with traditional engines is the Hybrid logo on the tailgate: even the dimensions do not change, with a length of three meters and 65 cm, a height of 155 cm and a width of 164 cm with a 200-liter boot expandable to 870 liters by folding the backs of the rear seats. The Panda Easy Hybrid features standard equipment such as the manual air conditioning, the electric windows, the front and side airbags, the DualDrive electric power steering, the remote control for opening and closing the doors, the pressure sensor for the tires and the radio Dab with USB socket and two speakers.

The mild hybrid three-cylinder. Inside the hood of the Panda Easy Hybrid there is the electrified version of the 1.0 Firefly with six-speed manual gearbox. This three-cylinder can deliver a maximum power of 70 HP and uses a belt driven electric motor (Bsg) to recover energy during decelerations, recharging the 11 Ah lithium ion battery of the hybrid system. The 4.9 HP (3.6 kW) electric unit is used to support the operation of the thermal engine during acceleration, as well as to restart it when the start & stop function is active. According to the House, the 1.0 mild hybrid offers the same performance as the 69 HP 1.2 Fire, but manages to contain carbon dioxide emissions by 20%: the average declared consumption is 4 l / 100 km with 89-92 g / km of CO2 emissions. The Panda Easy Hybrid complies with the Euro 6D Final regulation and can access the various local facilities reserved for hybrid cars.

Even with the D-Fence package. Like the other models in the Fiat range, the Panda Easy Hybrid can also be ordered with the D-Fence pack developed by Mopar and proposed for 299 euros. This accessory package includes an air purifier for the passenger compartment that filters microparticles such as bacteria and pollen, a filter designed to block impurities present outside the car, such as particulates and allergens, and a UV lamp that can be used. to sanitize the surfaces with which passengers come into contact, from the seats to the handles up to the dashboard, the steering wheel and the gear knob.

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