Fiat E-Ducato, the road trial with Mercitalia Logistics starts


Fiat, presenting its E-Ducato, had stressed that a series of field tests with some partners would soon begin. FCA has communicated that it has signed a agreement with Mercitalia Logistics (FS Italiane Group) to use a prototype of the electric van in the first and last mile of Mercitalia, i.e. for the transport of goods from the production points up to taking charge of the railway transporter, and from the railway reception hubs to the final destination, i.e. small / medium distribution or directly the customer .

Thanks to this agreement it will be possible to continue a sustainable goods mobility project. For this purpose the E-Ducato will be used equipped with a 47 kWh battery. Every day, for its tasks, the van will travel approximately 110 km. If the project ends successfully, Mercitalia Logistics will evaluate the possibility of upgrading the fleet of vehicles used to carry out the first and last mile activities with this vehicle.

With this project, FCA begins its work of wanting to demonstrate how transport, especially last mile transport, can be more sustainable thanks to the use of electric vehicles. The new E-Ducato will also be available with a 79 kWh accumulator capable of offering up to 360 km of travel but according to the old NDEC cycle. Orders for this vehicle will be opened over the next few months. The prices have not yet been communicated officially.

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