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The Spaniard, fresh from agreement with Maranello since 2021: “In the contract it says that the team comes before the rest, nothing on the second guide …”

Carlos Sainz spoke on many topics at Radio Marca: from his recent signing for Ferrari since 2021, to the situation of a world championship that starts on 5 July (“I want to race, feel the tension and pressure of the races, which when you have you miss life “), the closed-door GPs (” I prefer the full stands to the empty ones. It will be strange, but we won’t hear it inside the car, but outside “), until the possibility that Fernando Alonso could return to the Circus.

First the team, but …

The Spaniard first clarifies with which mentality he will arrive at Ferrari: “I have not signed anything that will put me as a second driver: in my contract it says that the team comes before the driver, but does not include anything as a second guide – says Carlos Sainz – All I know is that I will give Ferrari everything they need to try and win. I treat all the drivers in the same way, we are all rivals and if there will be a complicated situation, I will make the right decision, there is no My podium in Brazil for signing is decisive? Everything helps, even a podium in a race like that, but also the years in Toro Rosso and Renault have had their weight: when a team like Ferrari is evaluating you, it will keep account of all 102 races I’ve done. ”

A road car

The signing with Maranello could also carry a street sports car, or at least a strong discount on the price: “Ferrari only sent me the contract to sign and nothing else. Sign with a smile and then you don’t think you will be negotiating a discount for a their car: I will investigate it when I go to Maranello. At the moment I know that in McLaren they lend me a car and change it every six months: I like dark-colored cars. ”

The return of Alonso

Finally, the buoyant return of Fernando Alonso, idol of all Spaniards also for the inspiration he provided to the younger generations of drivers: “Right now Renault is not among the most competitive teams, but changes are taking place in F .1 and I don’t know if they can help Fernando make the decision to come back: it escapes me because I haven’t talked to him about the topic and I don’t know what idea or how much he wants. But I know that Formula 1 is for the best drivers in the world and he’s one of them. “

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