Ferrari, Leclerc joins the salary self-reduction program for top managers. Vettel no


Less than a month to go before the championship starts Formula 1 and at the moment the calendar provides eight GPs, even if the goal of Liberty have a championship of at least 15-18 rounds. The competitions are skipped and consequently also the salaries change.

In the Ferrari home Charles Leclerc has joined the internal program reserved for top management which provides for a 25% cut in remuneration (with the new contract it takes on 9-10 million, it will drop by 2.5), as he writes The newspaper. A spontaneous self-reduction attended by the highest capable managers and also the young Monegasque. was publicly thanked by Mattia Binotto in recent days, because nobody asked the pilot to cut his pay. Moreover, Leclerc had already anticipated it a few months ago that it would open discussions in this sense, a gesture appreciated in Maranello also by virtue of the long agreement signed at the end of last year, until 2024.

Across the garage,Sebastian Vettel, in his last season as a Ferrari driver. The four-time world champion has not joined the program and it seems that his salary remains intact (above 25 million per season). But this does not mean that they do not donate part of the compensation to beneficial causes, on the contrary. His position was not far from that of Toni Kroos of Real Madrid: Give us full salary and then we’ll decide who to target it, there are people who need it most of the clubs, said the blancos midfielder

Vettel of certain topics he speaks little and unwillingly. What I do is my business, I don’t like to expose these issues to the streets just to make my image shine a few months ago before I said goodbye to Ferrari. In the divorce statement he wished to specify that in this common decision economic aspects do not come into play in any way: not my way of thinking when making certain choices and never will be. Although money, as in all separations, played a role.

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