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Gessate (Milan), 29 June 2020 – «We don’t know if he had already picked up the letter that had just been sentto. But one thing is certain: not even the most fervent imagination could have predicted the tragedy. “Davide Colombo is the lawyer to whom Daniela Fumagalli she had turned to put the separation from Mario Bressi in black and white. It is the lawyer who tells the delicate phase in which the end of a wedding turns into a piece of stamped paper. And in this case “there was no element to fear the usual complications”.

A practice unusual for a single detail: no desire for revenge against her husband. Indeed, it was precisely around the employee’s personality that the professional’s mandate was outlined: “No tears, but the search for an agreement across the board – explains Colombo -. My client didn’t think there would be any problems. Bressi was balanced, calm, very fond of his children. She was convinced that the children with her father were safe, otherwise she would certainly not have entrusted them to him. “And if he had been afraid of them,” he would not have continued to live with him “.

The couple, in fact, he still lived in Gessate’s apartment, purchased in 2003. Mario, all home, work and sport, had not believed in the intentions that Daniela had revealed first of all to him: “No war on home, money and especially on the little ones. On the horizon there were no conflicts. She she wanted to safeguard the relationship that began on school desks at all costs and she would never have dreamed of denying the boys her father’s company “. “I find it absurd – concludes the lawyer – that someone thinks that a drama of this magnitude is the result of Daniela’s decision to end the union”.

Still, the unpredictable has happened. Colombo also rushed to Margno, the village of the Lecco area, the scene of the tragedy, to support his mother destroyed by pain. And the shock from Valsassina reverberates over two cities, Gorgonzola, where the couple had met, and Gessate, where they had chosen to live. Yesterday, during the solemn mass of the patronal feast, Don Matteo Galli invited everyone, “a particularly solicited community”, to reflect on reality, “to stand before evil, not to hide it and choose not to do it. Mario, Elena and Diego now all three are in the hands of God. ” Big thoughts and words of affection from the friends of the little victims who left tickets, balloons and letters on the house gate. “We will never forget you”, is the message of peers who remember fragments of daily life lost forever. Homework, games together, sports afternoons: a broken future that leaves only tears.

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