Farewell to Roberto Faraone Mennella, the star jewelry designer died at 48


Roberto Faraone Mennella, world famous jewelry designer whose creations of excellence have been appreciated and worn by Hollywood stars, has died at 48. Originally from Torre del Greco, Pharaoh Mennella fought for eight months against a tumor, announced on Instagram on May 17, with a photo that portrayed him now suffering from the disease and the invitation to his followers not to leave home for the Covid pandemic, which could have caused damage to the weaker subjects and to those who, like him, fought against cancer.Together with his friend Amedeo Scognamiglio, he created “R.F.M.A.S”, a brand that landed in the United States in 2001 and which in a short time also broke through in Europe, with stores in London, New York, Los Angeles, Beijing and Capri. And over the years he has also managed to earn the esteem of many stars, from Spike Lee to Charlize Theron to Meryl Streep, who have worn the jewelry he made. Many in the past few days had encouraged him to continue his struggle, before cancer today took him away. The last greeting will take place in a strictly private form, in the family chapel.

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