Farewell to Francesca, sister of Rino Gattuso: drama and Milan


Francesca Gattuso he was one of the most important figures in the life of his brother Rino who was taken of that little sister, in love as with his family. The portrait that makes it Corriere della Sera it is poignant and complete: it photographs the life of this just 37 year old girl – because at that age you are still young – made of the same substance as that growling that anyone, passionate or not about football, has learned to love.

Francesca Gattuso: love for Rino’s family and sister

Francesca died in the hospital of Busto Arsizio yesterday morning, while Rino he was at Naples, ready for daily training. For a few days, reports the Courier service, the conditions of Francesca they got worse than when she was hospitalized in February. He was 37 years old and despite the disease with which he lived since 2017 (a particularly aggressive form of diabetes) he never stopped being strong and courageous. When he still managed, he answered the phone and tried to work for the family business, a Gallarate. “A warrior,” as her brother called her.

The brothers at the bedside of Francesca Gattuso: the pain of Rino and Ida

At her bedside there were always her mother Costanza and her husband Marco, married in 2013, from whom she had had a 5-year-old son. In the evening Rino and the other sister Ida who lives in Calabria arrived. The funeral chamber will be set up today in Gallarate, Francesca will stay there until tomorrow at 12.30. The body will be transferred to Calabria and the funeral will take place in Corigliano on Friday.

Diabetes was diagnosed in 2017, the first treatments and the hope that the disease could be managed soon vanished. And in February things fell after a very delicate intervention.

Rino Gattuso that day was at Genoa: did not show up at the press conference and it was explained simply as a family matter. How right it was. The news of his disappearance, arrived after months of waiting and hope, has grieved all those who love Rino and his determination: companies, simple people, fans. All.

The condolence of Napoli and the training that has not stopped

President Aurelio De Laurentiis he was particularly close to him, as were all the leaders of the Milan, a second home for Gattuso. Francesca had worked on the medical secretariat of the AC Milan club with Rodolfo Tavana for 14 years. The club’s former social doctor, says the Courier service, inquired about his conditions with his colleague Ildo Scandroglio that has followed her in recent months. “A pleasure to work with Francesca – he said -. With suppliers it was a hammer, it had the same character as Rino. I cried for a long time when I learned that he hadn’t made it “.

The pain on Rino’s face was followed by an invitation to continue Castelvolturno of his deputy, Gigi Riccio: “Come on, run. Rino wants it like this ”. But then, inevitably, the reasons for affection took over. How right it is.

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