Fares too high, Alitalia explains its ‘no’ to Ronchi


“Inexplicably high rates, even higher than more than 100% of the conditions offered to foreign competition”. This is the reason that pushed Alitalia not to reactivate, at the moment, no flight to Ronchi dei Legionari. The airline company considers the price “unfair, too high and out of the market”. The company, after the controversy of recent days, has decided to make public with a press release the real critical issues behind the missing connections with Trieste Airport.

“The airline – explains Alitalia in a note – has sent to the top of the control bodies evidence about the economic discrimination with which it is approached, an overwhelming attitude by the majority of Italian airports. Obviously, the efficiency of Alitalia also requires to end the competitive asymmetry existing with foreign companies, which receive a completely similar service “.

ÔÇťAlitalia – concludes the note – confirms, finally, that the ongoing restoration of air connections is conditioned exclusively by the rate of recovery of the demand affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and, precisely, by obtaining from the airports economic conditions for the restart of flights in line with those offered to other airlines “.

“In light of Alitalia’s clarifications regarding the reasons for the interruption of air links to and from Trieste, I think it is appropriate that the president of Trieste Airport Antonio Marano clarifies an institutional venue by denying or confirming the airline’s note and, in the latter case, explaining the reasons. For this reason, I have requested that Dr. Marano be audited as soon as possible by the Chamber Transport Commission “, writes the deputy and coordinator of Forza Italia Fvg in a note Sandra Savino who, in recent days, together with the party colleague Roberto Novelli he had sent a letter to the extraordinary commissioner and to the general manager of Alitalia to request a meeting and request the reactivation of the daily air routes between Trieste and Rome.

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