Far Cry 6 will be presented by Ubisoft in July, according to the latest rumors – Multiplayer.it


Far Cry 6 will be presented by Ubisoft to July, as reported by the last rumor: it would be the fifth triple A title that the French company is working on.

Already some time ago the development of Far Cry 6 was confirmed by a leak, and it is clear that such a project requires a few years of preparation. In this case theExit is expected to take place by April 2021.

The presentation of Far Cry 6 will take place during the event that Ubisoft will hold in place of the traditional E3 conference, again according to this source, and the game will boast asetting different than the fifth chapter.

In fact, the scenario of the American hinterland will be abandoned, to return probably to some remote or tropical reality: the latter hypothesis would seem to be confirmed by the recent rumors about the return of Vaas.

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