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In the Bundesliga, since the post-coronavirus recovery, about 50% of the races ended with the “2” sign on the slip. Will this also be the case in Serie A? The Inter striker is the best for goals away from home, Ronaldo instead …

How will Serie A restart? Making predictions is always complicated, especially in an unprecedented scenario, such as the post coronavirus one. What is certain is that the games will be played behind closed doors. The only major European tournament that anticipated the times and can be used as an orientation on what lies ahead is the Bundesliga. Leaving aside the speeches on the individual teams (Bayern has returned to dominate, as in the most obvious of predictions, with or without the pandemic …), there is a fact that stands out: you win and score much more away . We are even around 50% of the races ended with the “2” sign on the grid since we left. That playing behind closed doors completely canceled out the field factor? The lottery games are still too few to say with full knowledge of the facts, but the fantasy football could lead to different reasoning than in the past. Here, a bomber who was used to giving the best of himself on the road could be facilitated, vice versa who especially at home made the difference, could suffer more. Will it be true? Hard to say, but if it were, Romelu Lukaku would become the top player for you.

Away from home

If Ciro Immobile (27 goals) and Cristiano Ronaldo (21) are the only two Serie A players to have already climbed 20 odds, the discussion changes a lot if you stop only at the goal outside. Here, the dominator is in fact Lukaku: the Belgian center forward of Inter puts everyone in line with 12 centers. One more even of Immobile. On the third step of the podium, ex aequo, the Atalanta Muriel-Zapata couple with 8. And Cristiano Ronaldo? He does not even go to the medal: out of 21 goals, 15 the Portuguese made them at the Stadium and just 6 with Juve away, such as Joao Pedro (Cagliari), Dzeko (Rome), Lautaro Martinez (Inter) and Ilicic (Atalanta).


Not only that, some players who may have said little to you at Magic so far, could explode in the second half, if the theory of the cancellation of the field factor was confirmed. This is the case of Fiorentina’s Dusan Vlahovic, author of 6 goals so far in the league, of which 5 far from Florence. Or Riccardo Orsolini (Bologna), who only celebrated two of the 7 goals in the Dall’Ara. Gervinho (Parma) even made all his 5 goals away from Tardini. Insigne (Napoli) 4 out of 5 away, as Berenguer (Torino) and Theo Hernandez (Milan). The Rossoneri full-back is not an exception in defense, because even Kolarov (Rome) did better away from home than at the Olimpico: 4 away goals, just two in front of the friendly public. In short, the coaches will have to decide shortly whether to listen to the indications that are coming to us from Germany or not. In the first case, many Magic strategies will have to be reviewed. But will we really be ready to bet that Cristiano Ronaldo will lose the magic behind closed doors?

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