Family camps in front of a kennel for 27 hours to adopt the puppy with the heart on its chest – La Stampa


A black heart on the chest, set in a white spot. It’s all thanks to his adorable fur if this sad little dog has found a home. A family did everything possible to ensure that it could give this dog the future it deserved, so much so that it “camped” for 27 hours in the shelter, awaiting clearance for adoption.

The Border Collie puppy with his heart was brought to an Oklahoma kennel. Not much is known about his past, but his sad eyes say it all. His photo began to circulate on social media, and in a short time it was shared by thousands of people, breaking dozens of hearts.

According to the institution’s regulation, all animals must remain in quarantine in the center at least five days before being adopted. But a family in Tulsa couldn’t wait and from 8.30 on Wednesday, 27 hours before the dog could be entrusted, he camped in the parking lot of the refuge waiting for the green light.

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A great enthusiasm, followed by an adoption with all the trimmings. Wanting to do everything to adopt this dog, now called Luna, was in fact the family of a future bride, with whom the puppy will live, not before taking part in the wedding as a guest of honor.

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