family camped at the kennel to adopt it


A puppy with a heart on its chest conquers thousands of people all over the world and on social networks A family is ready for anything to adopt it and camp in front of the kennel waiting to see it

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What makes it special a dog: his breed and his character, his beauty, his pedigree, his story or the fact that he is a puppy? What surely makes it unique is its extraordinary loyalty and loyalty. The dog is not just an animal, it is a symbol of unconditional love. Many people are looking for the perfect breed, the one they have always wanted, eager to have the dream dog. On many occasions, it is then mistreated, isolated, betrayed and thrown away as an object that has become useless, too demanding and expensive.

Other people, on the contrary, see the dog as a creature full of life and feelings. Ready for anything to defend that defenseless being that depends entirely on man. Volunteers who collect specimens in difficulty, abandoned, seized, make stalls and relays even hundreds of kilometers only to give that animal a life full of love. Stories of people who also cross an entire country to recover a dog like in Brazil where a man has traveled hundreds of kilometers to adopt a dog with a handicap. Or, volunteers such as the veterinarian Victor Larkhill who, in the midst of a pandemic, came from Spain to Greece to retrieve a dog, nicknamed the “Greek hachiko” to bring it to his adoptive family.

Extreme bailouts, chains of sharing, media tams, appeals and relay races are the order of the day in the life of those who are not indifferent to the gaze of an animal.

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Adoptions of the heart

A family instead camped for 27 hours in front of a kennel to ask for the adoption of a puppy.

The specimen, called Luna, became viral online within a few hours after the publication of a post with the appeal for adoption. The peculiarity of Luna, a puppy crossed with a Border Collie was a perfect black heart drawn on the chest. Luna’s photography has gained over 30,000 shares and the kennel Broken Arrow Animal Shelter has also been assaulted by requests for adoption by citizens of other countries, such as Australia.

Luna had just arrived in the kennel and had to spend at least 48 hours of quarantine before being given up for adoption. A family who had literally fallen in love with the puppy did not want to wait a minute and showed up at the kennel, waiting in front of the facilities for 27 hours to be able to take it and obtain clearance for adoption.

The news was picked up by several newspapers and local news media.

It is learned that Luna will be the wedding gift of a young couple and the special guest of the ceremony. No other gift, other than Luna with her big heart engraved on her chest, could give such a beautiful and loving message and become a special wish to crown the union of two young lovers and for the creation of a family.

“This precious little girl touched the hearts of people in the United States and we are happy to announce that she has found her new home near us. Thanks to everyone who shared our post, “wrote the kennel, announcing the adoption of Luna.

The kennel then wanted to remember that there are hundreds of other little guests who perhaps do not have a heart on their breasts like Luna, but who like her are ready to give their love to those who adopt them.

The report on Luna:


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