Family Act, from parental leave to allowance for each child: all measures


Measures to support and enhance the family

The Family Act, a bill containing “Delegations to the government for the adoption of the universal allowance and the introduction of measures to support the family”, was strongly desired by the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Elena Bonetti family. It is an organic design of measures designed for families with children (and not just minors: aid is also provided for those who study at university). Among the many, a check for each child under 18, regardless of the family’s income bracket, the reorganization of parental leave, deductions for the expenses related to the education of the children and facilitations for the rent of the first home for the young couples, at least one of whom is under 30 years of age. And then again: Aid to new mothers, 10 days of compulsory paternity for neopaps (even unmarried), paid leave to assist a sick child but also to participate in talks with professors.
But let’s see the main measures in more detail:

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