Fake news about Venezuela and cinquestelle, sorry Mentana believed it too


The endorsement of Enrico Mentana to the fake news of the right-wing Spanish newspaper ABC on the alleged Venezuelan funding to the Cinquestelle really constitutes a bad injury for one of the major players in Italian radio and television journalism. Well-known journalist who I believed that, in the little encouraging panorama of Italian information, represented at least a dignified and reliable character.

The fact he meritoriously reconstructed the inauspicious affair critically, in great detail. At the center of it is a gross forgery of a document that it would be desired from the Venezuelan secret services that would prove the payment, which occurred in 2010, of 3 and a half million euros from the government of Caracas to Roberto Casaleggio. Falsification is so gross that it is wrong the stamp and even the name of the ministry that would be involved. Mentana instead reiterated his confidence in ABC by claiming that they also have other evidence. What they are does not say and probably does not even know.

ABC, on the other hand, it is not new to the frames which target Italian political sectors. When the Conte government proclaimed the lockdown, at the time not only opposed by Trump but also by a substantial part of the European establishment, the newspaper published a series of alarmist correspondences from our country, promptly taken up by the right-wing Latin American press, according to which Italy would have been starving and shaken by riots, devastation and looting.

Now as then, in the objective of the Italian and international right and its press bodies, to criticize the Conte government and especially its pentastellate component – less sensitive than others to the references to the order of Confindustria that would have liked to put its production concerns above the right to health (succeeding, however, at least in part) and firm in not recognizing Guaidò as president. The latter position is far more far-sighted than those of other European countries, given the miserable conclusion of the political parable of the character in question, now isolated within the most extreme sectors of the Venezuelan opposition and subject to heavy criticism from his own supporters for the easy handling of the huge funds received by Trump and others.

With a view to Conte’s destabilization, the prompt and embarrassing hospitality offered by Mentana to the ABC plaque as well as the position by other “moderate” information bodies such as the paper, according to which, patacca or not, the important thing is that the Cinqustelle and Di Battista in particular were not neutral at all but inclined dangerously towards Maduro, as demonstrated by a conference, however very successful, held in parliament on March 13, 2015. In addition to diplomats from the countries belonging to Alba, Gianni Minà, Luciano Vasapollo, as well as “hard madurists” (whatever that means) such as the late Giulietto Chiesa and myself.

The stakes of the operation are therefore clear: weaken the Cinquestelle to hit Conte and help prepare the ground with a more reliable character for lords (from Trump to Confindustria). The sadness remains for the fact that false coarse must be used for this purpose especially if, as Michela Arricale points out, it is he who in recent times has proclaimed himself the champion of the fight against fake news.

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