Faithful: “Maksimovic and Koulibaly do not integrate, the Serbian goes cu .. on the ground! Sarri had rejected him”


Interesting considerations from the historic manager of the Cannavaro brothers, Enrico Fedele, who has had his say on the Neapolitan club.

Enrico Fedele, former prosecutor and sports manager, today football commentator and face of Televomero, made some statements during today’s episode of ‘Mars Sport Live ‘, in-depth transmission on hot topics in the Neapolitan house – and not only – broadcast on the frequencies of Radio Mars. These are his considerations entrusted to the Campania broadcaster: Shouldn’t Verona’s goal be canceled? Sure. What they ate, however, was perhaps doubtful. Maksimovic looks like another player, is he more ‘albioleggiante’, leader who gives confidence? It has improved a lot. Maksimovic is playing well, but do you know why? It doesn’t integrate with Kalidou Koulibaly at all, far from it. Complete Kostas Manolas and Koulibaly? I disagree. The reason is different. ”

Fedele then added: “The team plays more grouped, the spaces are few and the Serbian asserts his strength. Yesterday was not his best game, on the contrary. He made an intervention against Samuel Di Carmine not taking the ball, and a good defender does not go never ass on the ground. Did this happen to Fabio Cannavaro? He always took the ball. My loves, we talk about football and not about the ball. The slip is allowed on the lateral lines, not in the center of the goal; when you do it in the center, you have to take the opponent or the ball. The narrower the spaces, the more the physicality players come out. Maurizio Sarri had rejected him and sent him to Russia. Everyone has their own ideas, but when a manager changes, those who previously had little confidence maybe re-emerge “.

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