With the very fresh-and-serious numbers of the Italian GDP contraction estimated by the IMF behind (-12.8% in 2020, +6.8 in 2021, ed.), Covid is also being dealt with at the Fair. Basically, everything was fine with decidedly positive figures, then – as already seen in other realities – the pandemic arrived and stopped everything.

It will take time to go up the slope and the next period will inevitably face a situation to manage, since the distance imposes an abrupt brake on the activities of fairs and kermesses.

The occasion to talk about it was the shareholders’ meeting, which unanimously approved both the 2019 financial statements and the proposal of the new board of directors.

Giampiero Calzolari, president of Bologna Fiere comments, “the Covid-19 emergency will determine a temporary discontinuity in a decidedly positive trend that has seen us constantly growing in recent years”.

The president deepens: “It is a global crisis, the one we are forced to deal with; a crisis that affects the entire economic system and, consequently, also the trade fair business, heavily hit by the lockdown in recent months. The company reacted immediately, putting digital initiatives on track as in the case of the Children’s Book Fair and Cosmoprof and developing safety protocols that will allow us to resume our activities with the best conditions for holding the events “.

Bologna Fiere 2019 Financial Statements: all indicators growing

The company in via Michelino defines it as a “demanding three-year period” with “important objectives” achieved, capable of consolidating the district “among the major international players” as “second national reality” in the sector.

Among the main data, a value of production emerges that from 2016 to 2019 went from 132.4 to 195.5 million euro (+ 48%) with a trend in gross operating margin which went from 21.2 million to 34.1, with an incidence on 2019 turnover of 17.3% “which confirms the group’s ability to generate value”.

The operating result before taxes thus came to 9.1 million. Same music on international activity: here the value of production (referred to consolidated activities) weighs 50.7 million, with a growth of over 61% compared to 2017, and Ebitda records 10.4 million (20.5% impact on turnover) and an increase of over 28% compared to 2017.

In this context, the demolition and reconstruction of pavilions 28-29-30 (“in just 10 months”) and the start-up of the construction site for the construction of the new pavilion 37, which is being built, were completed “within defined times” in the former area 48. The new structure will increase the covered exhibition area of ​​the district by another 15,000 square meters and “can already be used in autumn 2020”.

Fair: in appointments to the new board and college

Changes within the new Bologna Fiere Board of Directors, in which all local authorities, the Region, the municipality and the former province participate. Enter, on behalf of the Municipality and the metropolitan city, the ex-councilor Patrizia Gabellini, the lawyer Maurizia Best and the accountant Mariangela Conti. The assembly voted unanimously on these names and on those indicated by the other shareholders.

Gabellini, former city councilor for urban planning in Bologna, is a professor at the Polytechnic of Milan. Best, recently chosen by Merola for the group of experts created to rethink the city beyond the Covid emergency, “is a lawyer and specializes in the protection of the right to health”, explains the Municipality, while Conti “is a professional , accountant and auditor with extensive experience in consultancy for companies, organizations and associations “.

Total change therefore of the women indicated in the previous Board of Directors: Gigliola Schwarz, Cinzia Barbieri and Susanna Zucchelli. “I want to express my sincere thanks to the three outgoing directors for the work done with passion and competence”, says Merola: “I am sure that the same quality of commitment will characterize the new directors to whom I wish my good work”.

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the shareholders of Bologna Fiere, who today unanimously approved the financial statements and the proposal for the constitution of the same new assembly in via Michelino, the Emilia-Romagna Region, under the voice of the commissioner Vincenzo Colla, delivered the name of Giulio Santagata and that of Antonio Venturini as president of the Board of Statutory Auditors. All, therefore, “in continuity with the previous mandate”. (To say)

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