Facebook, the turning point: one click drives away the cumbersome past


Juliette Binoche, protagonist of ‘My Best Profile’ by director Safy Nebbou
Rome, June 4, 2020 – Let it be the photo of that New Year’s Eve in which we had raised our elbows a bit, a particularly unhappy hairstyle, the image of that ex to forget or opinions over the top no longer in line with the our current social role, every embarrassing memory is always there, ready to reappear outside ours Facebook profile. Especially those who have been members of the famous social network for more than a decade and who, since 2015, have been confronted with their ‘dark past’ thanks to the function, know this well. ‘It happened today’, notoriously used by most users to eliminate the traces of most of those memories that were re-proposed to them. But from now on, making a clean sweep of a past from which we want to distance ourselves could be much easier.

In an era in which the so-called ‘web reputation’ acquires more and more value so much that it is not uncommon for that employers scrutinize social profiles of candidates in view of a possible hiring, Mark Zuckerberg must have realized that his blue-F creature was likely to ruin people’s lives. And so he launched ‘Manage Activity ‘, a new section that like a magic wand will help to delete photos, videos and phrases that we no longer want to show. “Whether you’re entering the job market after college, or turning the page after a relationship ends, we know that things change in people’s lives and we want to make it easier for you to take care of your Facebook presence to reflect more accurately who you are. today, “explains Facebook in a post. Thanks to this new section it is, in fact, possible to manage from a single place what appears on the bulletin board. And if there is any memory that you are fond of but that is no longer the case to make public it can be kept in a private way, simply by trashing it.

If yes wrong or change your mind no problem. There are, in fact, 30 days to recover what has been thrown away before photos and videos are permanently deleted. To simplify the refurbishment of the profile, Facebook explains, you can act on multiple posts at once, for example by deciding to delete all those published in a given period of time or those in which a person you do not want is present. more to have on the bulletin board.

In addition to those who for professional reasons do not want to show who was in their twenties, those who become parents are afraid of what their children will think one day, well-known personalities who after some aesthetic touch ups want to escape the pillory of ‘facts and redone ‘, the new feature will also suit several politicians. If the practice of going fishing in the past is now cleared through customs in search of conflicting claims and broken promises, a cleaner in the name of consistency, in more than one case, could be convenient. The last social misadventure that saw Matteo Salvini as protagonist is two days ago. On the occasion of the Republic Day, a post that compared what was published over the years by the leader of the League on the occasion of June 2 became viral. And, to put it mildly, opinions did not always coincide.

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