F1: crisis with Ferrari, Vettel emptied: “He lost confidence”


Sebastian Vettel always at the center of the rumors (and controversies) in the circus of Formula 1, even a few days before the start of the World 2020. The Red Bull adviser Helmut Marko, the man who discovered and launched Vettel by making him win four World Championships, spoke to Sport 1 about the end of the relationship between the German driver and Ferrari at the end of 2020: “It had been in the air for a few months. I think somehow Seb has lost faith in Ferrari. ”

The problematic relationship on track with Leclerc: “He didn’t decide to leave because the team now has a new talent like Leclerc, but why there is a lot of politics around him it’s at Vettel does not like this. He just wants to put his foot on the gas, win races and not waste energy with unnecessary team policies. I just hope Ferrari gives him the opportunity to demonstrate his skills in his last season. “

According to Marko il Cavallino is not the title: “We cannot exclude Sebastian from the top fight this year, even if I have the impression that I don’t have a title machine. However, I hope to be wrong: to have a more exciting Formula 1, it is certainly positive if more than two teams compete for the championship “.

Vettel’s future risks being far from Formula 1: “It would be a huge loss if it weren’t on the grid next year. The mere rumor that he could have driven alongside Hamilton at Mercedes in 2021 created an earthquake in the media. This says it all. I’m just worried about that Toto Wolff he won’t make that move, so Sebastian should take a sabbatical and consider his chances for 2022. He is still young enough to continue. “

OMNISPORT | 30-06-2020 13:39

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