F.1, the GPs after Covid-19: no podium, anthem and parades


Ross Brawn and the dynamics of the races with the health protocol to be observed: “For the award ceremony we could have the drivers lined up in front of the cars, but not the personalities who give the trophies, nor gatherings on the grid”

The restart of F1 after the pandemic linked to Covid-19 has distorted the race calendar and changed the access and management of the paddock in compliance with the strict health protocol, but it will also change many of the GP rituals. Starting from the podium and from the procedure that precedes the formation of the starting grid.

The podium

“The procedure on the podium can no longer take place as before, but we are thinking of something to do on the grid after the race – says motorsport manager Ross Brawn at the F1 website -. One possibility would be to align the cars on the track with the drivers stopped in front of cars because we can no longer have people nearby, nor personalities who present and deliver the trophies: we have plans and procedures and we are examining how to present them on TV “.

The baby pilots

The pre-race will inevitably change too, because the gatherings will be precluded: “In observance of the distancing measures, things like the national anthem will not be seen because you cannot have all the drivers grouped together, nor the Fia Future Stars in front of them: the baby pilots will still be there, but they will be part of the show virtually, by sending video messages that we can reproduce, “continues Ross Brawn.

No parade

Every aspect will be analyzed: from journeys, isolated and on board of charter aircraft, to the need for all employees to undergo serological tests within 72 hours of departure and then, at the racetrack, to the swab. Anyone who enters the paddock will have to follow a strict code of conduct, with many aspects that will have to be perfected together with the FIA. “Even the drivers’ parade before the race will not take place: we cannot put 20 competitors on the back of a truck and go around the track, so we will interview each of them in front of the garages – closes Brawn -. There are many ways we can commit ourselves without compromising health and safety: I am 100% sure that we will make it a captivating and exciting product, it will only be different. This is the new rule: I don’t know how long it will last, but it will surely be the rules for the rest of the year ” .

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