“Extremely serious situation.” Worldwide 8 million cases. New Zealand, Covid returns


Virus cases worldwide have passed 8 million, while the victims are almost 437 thousand victims. This is what emerges from the latest calculation made by Johns Hopkins University, according to which the infections are 8,034,461: the country with the most cases in the world is the United States, with 2,114,026 infections, followed by Brazil (888,271) and Russia ( 536 484). As for the victims, there are 436,899 worldwide: in this case too, the United States leads the ranking with 116,127 deaths, followed by Brazil (43,959) and the United Kingdom (41,821).

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In the meantime, contagions in China do not stop, especially in China Beijing, where there are 27 new positives for coronavirus, bringing the number of cases registered in the last few days to 106, to the point of mentioning an “extremely serious” situation. In a meeting with the local press, the spokesman for the Chinese capital’s municipality, Xu Hejian, said that Beijing is engaged in “a fight against time” to stop the contagion, through “the strictest, most decisive and determined measures”. In total, according to reports from the Chinese Ministry of Health, 40 new cases of COVID-19, of which eight imported. Thus, the number of infections in China rose to 83,221, while the number of deaths remained stable at 4,634.

Coronavirus in China is an alarm. WHO: «Over one hundred cases confirmed in Beijing»

Beijing, 46 infected in the largest market in the city: way to disinfestation, isolate nearby areas

Meanwhile, in Beijing, the blocking of all indoor sports and cultural activities also arrives. City official Xu Ying told reporters that “disinfection of the public space” will be stepped up and that they will “temporarily close indoor sports and leisure facilities.” The temperature controls, which had been suspended, will also be resumed.

Australia. Australia’s A-League football season will resume on July 16 after more than three months of suspension due to Covid-19’s pandemic restrictions. The first game will be between two Melbourne Victory and Western United rivals and will take place in Melbourne. The Football Federation Australia (FFA) announced it. A-League clubs will be free to return to training from Wednesday onwards after successfully completing Covid-19 medical tests. The Australian football season was suspended in March.

New Zeland. Eight days after being declared Covid-free, New Zealand is no longer. Health authorities have reported two new infections, the first in nearly three weeks. These are two women, relatives, who have returned from the United Kingdom. Over 1,500 coronavirus cases and 22 deaths have been recorded in New Zealand.

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