Export surprise in Campania, first quarter up 2020: + 5.2%


While Italy and the North begin to suffer, even heavily, the economic consequences of the Covid-19, exports of Campania in the first quarter of 2020 (therefore with the first month of lockdown already in the count) grows, quite unexpectedly of the 5.2 per cent, among the seven regions in contrast with Liguria, Sicily and Sardinia (with the “small” Molise, Bolzano and Umbria). More than Campania, however, exports are growing in the province of Naples which reaches almost ten percent (9.6), absorbing 97 percent of those 145 million euros that make the difference between 2019 and 2020. Exports of medicines grew by 25%, 102.9% by of cars, of 25% those of the bakery, of 30% of what the Ateco code defines “other food products”, of 22.8% of dairy products.

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The Campania data is opposed to that of the North West (-3.3%) and North East (-6.8%) regions. The worst provinces coincide with the places where the epidemic spread in March: Brescia (-7%), Alessandria (-25%), Bergamo (-5%), Pesaro and Urbino (-28%). Overall, Italy has lost 1.9 percent. Not only did many factories stop, but limitations at the borders also affected many productions. And then the data from Campania (but also that of Sicily) is particularly important because, not only is it opposite to that of the regions most affected by the epidemic, but because it also comes from extremely local production sectors with the food industry in the foreground. Here too, the size of the companies and above all their commercial organization has made a prize. For example, the dairies (dairy products went from 62.6 to 76.9 million (+22.8 percent) that sold the most are those that have relations with the large-scale retail trade that during the lockdown has kept intact its capacity and sales volumes (just remember the lines for the distancing) indeed in Italy in the first week of lockdown the sales of large-scale distribution increased by 16.4 per cent (in the South by 28.4). European Union countries.

And then there are the drugs: the pharmaceutical industry in Campania – from the numbers – it is clear that it has participated in the worldwide effort of the production of preparations against Coronavirus and for the prevention of the disease. Exports of pharmaceuticals and basic pharmaceutical preparations have grown from 360 to 446 million euros, almost a quarter.

These are, of course, “exportable” productions, that is, not among those indispensable for the country.

The greatest growth was that of the car attributable to the FCA production system (not only Pomigliano but also the other component factories), which went from 143 to 236 million euros.

The Campania figure is obviously a sum and there are also sectors that have suffered severely: -20% aircraft (-54 million), – 20% clothing, – 20% footwear (overall less 42 million euros), -99% weapons and ammunition (from almost 30 million to 275 thousand euros). Productive reconstruction began around the fashion supply chain: but we start again from the collections of autumn / winter 2020/2021. Deliveries for the summer had already started before the lockdown and many stores have reviewed the orders. It is hoped that something can be recovered with the “flash” system (immediate production to supply the points of sale in the event that some products have an unexpected market boom), but these are minimal quantities. The goal is to get back in line with the standards with the winter collection. At least hopefully.Last updated: June 13, 7:30 am © RESERVED REPRODUCTION

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