Exclusive De Laurentiis: “Gattuso, Allegri and Lotito’s phone call”


In that cathedral where the most religious of the secular rites was recited, even the “hard” ones show that they have their own soul: and when the sixth Italian Cup he sits in Aurelio’s arms and emotion De Laurentiis, a shadow line seems to separate the present (perhaps even the future) from that ruinous past of 2004: three decades have passed and beyond from the terrible nights of the Failure, they would be many and yet they are nothing, because for eleven years now there is aEurope who opens his arms wide to Naples, while the fourth trophy makes its place on the bulletin board, restoring joy to an incredulous city for having seen the light again when it now feared having to face the oblivion of a cycle. It is never over, even when it seems that it is: and now, in fact, there is no trace of melancholy, nor the “terror” that one time has expired, this is because another is starting again, chasing a beam of light , a horizon that for eleven years has drawn between the Great Ones. This also tastes of belle epoque.

Between three Italian Cups and a Super Cup, Aurelio De Laurentiis will be spoiled for choice to indicate the most beautiful.
«In general, it is said that the first love is never forgotten. But the triumph of the other evening has a different and special flavor. It comes after a painful period for all humanity, including the South, and represents a step towards normalcy. It tastes like reopening, it looks like a curtain rising. Or better yet, it tastes of dawn: it is as if the sun was rising ». (…)

Photographs of an unforgettable evening: the first phone call?
«I seem to remember Claudio Lotito, it must have been midnight. Then I closed the phone and strangely slept until nine, I’m already awake at six. ” (…)

You and Gattuso will see you soon.
«We already met before the race, we chatted as usual, we will have no problems converging our ideas. We caught up immediately, it had an immediate effect on this team which is very strong for me. I am not saying this today, nor am I saying it: it is the field that supports it. We have been anti-Juventus in these years, for what we have won and for what we risked winning “.

What did you put on your own, Gattuso?
“The authority that brought it into the boys’ heads. An empathy that started immediately, between me and him, between him and in football players. I recognize that I have seen it right and, with modesty, I have always had a flair in the choice of technicians ».

He stopped him after talking to Allegri and is not urban legend.
“I have a habit of making extensive assessments and I wanted to hear both Allegri and Gattuso. I called Allegri first, with whom I have had a direct and esteemed relationship for years and when I called him he was honest and said to me: Aurelio, I stand still, I need it, there is no absolute foreclosure, because you have carried out an extraordinary project. And then the two of us love each other. But I decided to stay a little quiet. I called Rino, as expected, and he came to Rome: and now here we are ».

The complete interview on Corriere dello Sport-Stadio on newsstands

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