Ex Ilva, the workers of Taranto: “ArcelorMittal is unreliable. Another negotiation is unacceptable. Here are our 6 points to relaunch the steel mill”


No dismissal, resumption of activities foreseen by environmental plan and introduction of the Preventive Health Impact Assessment. They are some of the requests advanced by the workers of theex Ilva of Taranto gathered in factory advice convened by Fim, Fiom is Uilm. A meeting born after the news on the content of the new industrial plan presented by ArcelorMittal to the government. The company’s claims that matter approximately 5 thousand redundancies (between direct workers and workers in Ilva in As who were to be reinstated by 2023) and funds for almost 2 billion euros, were defined immediately “Unacceptable” by the trade union organizations that in the works council wanted to clarify the positions of the “no” and put their requests in black and white.

In the report produced at the end of the meeting (photo on the left, ed) are six points highlighted. First of all, the net refusal of a single dismissal recalling that the agreement of the September 6, 2018, signed between trade unions and new operators of the ionic plant provides for “zero redundancies and the protection – reads the report – of the workers of Ilva in As through the employment safeguard clause “. “We do not intend to question – the metalworkers have clarified – what was signed in the ministerial seat”. And then “wage integration e fair rotation with the restart of the maintenance and of the plants currently at a standstill ”, the“ resumption of activities envisaged by the environmental plan and maintenance interventions necessary to relocate the same workers in the contract world “, attention to” technological innovation and completion of the environmental plan “which for unions” cannot suffer further slips “.

On this last point, in fact, Arcelor foresees the remaking of the blast furnace 5 only in the period following the 2025 and only if market conditions or allowed. The workers of Taranto also asked for a “special measure for Taranto” with the “introduction of specific measures for the protection of workers with suitable tools so that no one is left behind “and” greater involvement of local institutions and social partners as regards the investments envisaged by the ARE YOU THERE (Institutional development contract for Taranto, ed) necessary to restart andiversified economy and that gives new job opportunities in an area particularly tested from an employment point of view “.

But above all the workers asked for the introduction of the Preventive Health Impact Assessment, that is, the preventive study to understand the effects on health of industrial actions. A document invoked by several parties, especially in Taranto which for decades has sacrificed health on the altar of work. The idea, unions say, is to “build a path of mobilizations necessary to reject the industrial plan presented by the multinational with which, once again, it tries to redesign different perspectives compared to what was signed in the ministerial office on 6 September 2018 “.

And the workers did not spare broadcasts to the government by denouncing that “in recent months we have witnessed continue ads of the government based on the agreement of 4 March 2020, between the commissioner management and ArcelorMittal, in which the union was completely ousted “to find itself on 5 June last” inexplicably “, according to the workers, to the possibility granted to the new owners of the steel to “present a further industrial plan that refers to 2025 technological innovations together with the environmental remediation plan “.

For workers, at the moment, the only certainty of that document is represented by the layoffs of the workers, both of Arcelor and Ilva in As, in addition to the “heavy repercussions on the employment plan in the procurement area “. For Fim, Fiom and Uilm, therefore, the government’s attitude “which continues to deal with ArcelorMittal, a counterpart that has proven to be a unreliable subject is that does not respect commitments subscribed by continuing to postpone investments on technological innovations and not guaranteeing plant maintenance ”.

A clear position, light years away from Arcelor’s requests, which the government is unlikely to change. And the opinion of unions is binding for the acceptance of the new business plan. On the eve of the meeting between government and unions, in short, the ideas appear clear while the future of the Taranto factory becomes increasingly uncertain.

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