Everything changes to stay as it is


The Leopard teaches us that often everything changes to stay as it is. And the Rome, in recent years, has changed skin many times. Too many. He changed president, CEOs, general managers, sports directors, coach, footballers, revolutionized the youth sector. Trigoria has also changed, everything that could change except the final has changed, with Roma having fluctuating results: from the peak of the Champions League semi-final to the efforts to reach fourth place. Now the official has arrived but it has been known for some time: Petrachi has been suspended. Which translated means: he does not resign, Roma does not fire him but in fact does not work to build the team of the future. He got into the saddle Guido Fienga and there is De Sanctis ready to take off but the central question is another. There will be yet another revolution, especially if the team does not arrive in the Champions League, with Roma that should make capital gains on capital gains while having to keep the team competitive. The easiest solution, at that point, would be to sell the most promising and rely on the guaranteed used: players like Smalling, Mkhitaryan, Pedro they are strong and capable of obtaining results immediately but not an investment for the club and cannot be a resource in the future, when other capital gains will have to be made to maintain a squad that costs more than Roma can afford. Investing in young people is not just a lifestyle choice, something that sets the trend, but is necessary in order to be able to resell them to finance each season. It’s bad to say but it works like this and it has always worked like this in the last few years.

On the one hand, corporate issues (Friedkin is there, Friedkin is not there, all leafing through a daisy), management issues (Petrachi is not there and is now official) and a very hard fourth place to catch the Giallorossi summer will be very hot, hot. The only protection cream 50 that could work is the Champions League qualification or a change of ownershipotherwise it will be very difficult to avoid getting burned.



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