Every morning: Alessio Viola and Adriana Volpe turn on the morning of Tv8. The cast also includes Lucarelli and Ciacci


Every morning: Alessio Viola and Adriana Volpe turn on the morning of Tv8. The cast also includes Lucarelli and Ciacci

Every morning

Tv8 will also have its daily container of information and entertainment. Monday 29 June will debut Every morning, the new program on the air live from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 to 14.00, with Alessio Viola is Adriana Volpe to the conduction.

Every morning wants to be one window on Italy and the world, placing various themes at the center of each episode. We will talk about current events with the main events of the day, but also about customs, society, cooking, entertainment and more, including tips and tutorials for everyday life. The main characters will be the ordinary people with their stories, but a space will also be dedicated to characters of the moment, which will be told through studio interviews or directly opening the doors of their homes.

There will be, as mentioned, a moment dedicated to cooking, also considering the time of broadcast of the program; every day a window will open on the regional cuisine and culinary traditions of the Belpaese.

Every morning: the cast

The two conductors will not be alone in this story of Italy, which will benefit from links and sent: for investigative journalism he was drafted Daniele Piervincenzi; for lighter news Luca Calvani (won the fourth edition of theIsland of the Famous); for the record pink Flora Singing; custom services entrusted to Aurora Ramazzotti.

Contributions to Every morning also by Selvaggia Lucarelli, which with its address book Wild room will comment on the fact of the day; of Edoardo Stoppa, which will take care of the service space dedicated to the environment; and of Giovanni Ciacci, who will make his report cards. The public at home will also be involved, through messages and video calls. At 12.00, the program will give the line for half an hour to Tg8, the new TV8 news.

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