“Etna in place of Vesuvius? You took a corner” ‘





Salvini: Etna instead of Vesuvius? You took a corner

“I thank all those who have come here today to insult, you have enlivened the Page. Too bad that, as explained by the analysis of a newspaper not suspected of proximity to the League, they have made a mistake.” So Matteo Salvini, in a post on Facebook, he returns on the accusations received of having confused Vesuvius with Etna, in a previous post, in a photomontage of the launch of his tour in Campania.

“If photomontages are the weapons to fight us … we are on the right path, Friends”, says Salvini, posting the link to an Open article, of which he reports the conclusions: “The image with the infographic of the events of 5 June 2020 by Matteo Salvini in Campania reported Vesuvius from the beginning. The image with Etna shows many graphic errors that highlight the tampering “.

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