Erza and Wendy return in the latest sketch by Hiro Mashima


Fairy Tail it was one of the most important manga of the last generation. Regardless of the more or less correct deductions, it has significantly contributed to the diffusion of manga in the West, becoming among the most followed titles together with the Big Three ONE PIECE, Bleach and Naruto. The attachment of fans to the magical world is therefore high.

Although Fairy Tail has ended and now Mashima works on EDENS ZERO, the characters continue to live in the spin-off Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, but also on the mangaka’s Twitter account. In fact, Mashima always works hard to prepare unpublished drafts and drawings with his characters and sometimes even makes requests from fans.

For this reason, a new one has appeared on the account of Hiro Mashima in the past few hours Fairy Tail themed illustration starring Erza Scarlet and Wendy Marvel. The fans’ requests were to see them together but with a ponytail hairstyle. Below you can see the image prepared by the mangaka, with the red and blue hair of the two girls standing out against each other, then bringing bows of opposite colors.

These illustrations continue to testify to the popularity of the manga with Natsu protagonist and is one of the reasons if Fairy Tail lasted longer than the 10 volumes initially planned.

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