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It arrived in January and was the hit of the winter market. Then, on the field, some difficulties, tactics and acclimatization, as it is normal, but also some classy glow, like that crossbar in the reassembled derby that risked to explode the joy San Siro Nerazzurri. Christian Eriksen he lived in solitude the quarantine, he had thought of moving from Lukaku, then nothing was done: a strange situation, not trivial, but which may only have strengthened the midfielder of Inter. What time is he ready to have his say. CHANGES OF THE PAST – Antonio With you he is one who, in his coaching career, has shown he can change his mind. Fundamentalist? Not really: yes, the 3-5-2 it is the preferred form, but you will all remember the 4-2-4 with which he started. Pirlo he looked like a player not suited to his football, but it was a fundamental cornerstone. In England, another variation: from 3-5-2 to 3-4-3 and there too the ‘revaluation’, with Cesc Fabregas who seemed he couldn’t fit in his football. Instead … “convincing Conte was one of the greatest satisfactions of my career”.

NOW IT’S UP TO HIM – Here, Antonio With you is ready to change a little more to launch the Swedish attacking midfielder Ajax before and Tottenham then. From 3-5-2 to 3-4-1-2Here is the thought that is taking shape in Conte’s head: one less midfielder and one player there, free to move between the lines. Modules change, not ideas, which are the only ones that count. And in those ideas, with his style, Eriksen can be there. Pirlo in Conte’s Juve, Fabregas in Conte’s Chelsea and now it’s up to Eriksen in Conte’s Inter. Because after all, quality is good everywhere.

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