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The wait for the first Inter match of the new post-covid championship was high, very high. Let’s face it, this Inter-Sampdoria had entered the myth a little, it almost seemed not to really exist. I mean how many times should she play? How many dates did she have? In reality no date, it seemed that this match did not matter, you had to play, you had to recover but who knows why nobody worried about when, nobody mentioned it. Yet for Conte and for Inter these 90 minutes represented a real in-out from the championship. Yesterday’s victory brought the Nerazzurri to + 12 on Roma fifth and -6 from the top thus returning to the team at least the hope of being able to re-enter the tricolor fight and meddle in the scuffle between Lazio and Juventus.

We had already noticed against Napoli how physically Inter were in place. Against Sampdoria the first half of the Nerazzurri team was pure spectacle. The two in front are back to score, to give magic, a net topped with circus numbers led Conte’s team to 2-0 with the feeling of 3 points in their pocket after only 45 minutes.

But a football game turns on an episode that can often turn the situation around. We know something about it, this has happened to us often this year.

Fortunately, the goal of Sampdoria did not affect the final result but Conte will still have to work on the psychophysical strength of the team which today is the real nerazzurri weak point.

The 2-0 gained in the first half, however, is not enclosed only in the goals of the two ahead. In fact, the “wizard” Eriksen was just behind them. Today, strangely, I no longer hear the voices of those who after 20 days and 6 games labeled it as a bin. But how can you make such a superficial analysis of such a strong and successful player? The cases are manifold: incompetence, rosication or malice. Eriksen yesterday enchanted San Siro with top-notch numbers and a vision of the game as a champion. Lukaku’s goal comes after his touch in the first race, then there is the canceled goal, a few shots on goal and a management of the ball in the middle of the field to lick your fingers. Eriksen is a player capable of turning on the light, managing a result and maybe deciding a game with a few goals or with one of his formidable assists.

It did not take long to understand that it has now entered the Inter mechanism, in Conte thought. Against Napoli we had already had the proof confirmed yesterday in the championship recovery.

Now I await the recovery of Brozovic. Someone said that without the Croatian Eriksen he can play better. Here I believe it is the exact opposite, I believe that together those two would be a show, I find them perfectly complementary.

I think we could re-propose the case of two seasons ago when Brozo and Rafi together brought Spalletti’s Inter into the Champions League.

In short, after Lukaku now Eriksen. Those who criticize regardless are served again. Next.

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