Epic gives Pathway and reveals next week’s free games


Punctual as every Thursday, Epic Games has made a new gift to all users of its store. This time, however, it has not kept all promises.

Last week had announced the arrival of two free games, Pathway and The Escapists 2. Today at 17:00, however, among the pages of the Epic Games Store we found ourselves only one free title, namely pathway, a strategic adventure set in the great wilderness of the 1930s. It is still an extremely welcome gift, but what happened to The Escapists 2? Epic Games limited itself to reporting that the release was postponed due to an unspecified problem, currently being resolved. The company will take care of notifying us when the game finally becomes available for free redemption. Meanwhile, we can console ourselves with Pathway.

At the same time, as usual, Tim Sweeney’s company also unveiled the two free games scheduled for next week. From 17:00 on Thursday 25 June, all players will be able to download for free AER Memories of Old, a vibrant adventure lived from the perspective of a bird, and Stranger Things 3: The Game, the official video game of the TV series of the same name.

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