Enzo Bianchi, speaks Amedeo Cencini, sent by the Pope to the monastery of Bose: “This story is not clear for many. We are still at the beginning”


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“We are still in an early stage, even if the decree has been accepted.” Speaking for the first time since the “case” broke out, Bose is a father Amedeo Cencini, which since May 13 has never left the Piedmontese community founded by father Enzo Bianchi. Appointed pontifical delegate ad nutum Sanctae Sedis, with full powers, it was him to deliver the “singular decree” signed by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of His Holiness and specifically approved by the Pope, in which he asked for Bianchi’s departure, of Lino Breda, Goffredo Boselli and of Antonella Casiraghi. Since then, the 72-year-old Canossian, psychotherapist, expert in the psychological problems of priestly and religious life, has never moved from Bose and has not publicly said a single word about the story.

Contact by email, he says to fattoquotidiano.it: “I am also convinced that Brother Enzo and the community were one luxuriant sign in the Church and that thanks to Bose many people have approached or get closer to Christianity. We would all like it to still be that way, and as far as it depends on me I will do my best. I also realize that right now the whole story is not clear to many in its basic motives and development. But I can’t be the one to say and tellat least right now. I can’t do it for the role I play and for the respect due to the people involved “. A few words that suggest that the presence of the pontifical delegate in Bose will not be short. That “we are still at an early stage” suggests that the decree is not limited to the removal of the four, but may contain other measures affecting the government of the community.

The situation in Bose remains tense. For now, Enzo Bianchi, Goffredo Boselli, Lino Breda and Antonella Casiraghi have not left the monastery. Many brothers and sisters of Bose consider the decree “injustice“. Not to say a single word is also the current prior Luciano Manicardi, while Bianchi tweeted four days ago: “Friends and friends you wrote to me, thank you! For now I won’t say anything else. By now old I cannot foresee my short tomorrow. Pray for me, a man who tried to become a Christian“.

The story remains shrouded in mystery. It all started with the apostolic visit: “Later to serious concerns received by the Holy See from many quarters which signaled a tense and problematic situation in the Community as regards the exercise of the Founder’s authority, government management and fraternal climate “. Pope francesco he sent Cencini to Bose with Father Abate Guillermo León Arboleda Tamayo and mother Anne-Emmanuelle Devéche, abbess of Blauvac. An inspection lasting one month at the end of which the visitors “delivered to the Holy See their relationship, developed on the basis of contribution of freely given testimonies by each member of the community. ” After four months the decree arrived, accepted initially only by Lino Breda.

On May 27, Bianchi had tried in vain mediation appealing to the Vatican: “In this situation for me – as for everyone – very painful, I ask that the Holy See help us and, if we have done something that contrasts communion, we are told. From our part, in repentance we are willing to ask and give mercy. In suffering and trial we have also asked and ask that the community be helped in a path of reconciliation“. Nothing to do. A leaf did not move from Rome. The last act came in the aftermath of the feast of Pentecost when the community announced on the website that Bianchi, Boselli and Casiraghi had accepted “albeit in a spirit of painful obedience, all the provisions contained in the decree of the Holy See”. Since then no official communication.

* Image taken from the youtube channel of the Claretianum Institute

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