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VATICAN CITY. After several attempts at dialogue and a note in which he assured that he had not contested “his legitimate prior” his successor, Enzo Bianchi withdraws from the internal dispute and, “in a spirit of painful obedience”, accepts the Pope’s decision: he leaves the Community of Bose who founded in 1965. With him, “in a spirit of painful obedience”, the most faithful brothers Goffredo Boselli and Sister Antonella Casiraghi leave. Brother Lino Breda had already declared his farewell at the time of the notification.

This was announced by the monastery in Biella, in Piedmont.

“In the aftermath of the solemnity of Pentecost – reads the website – the Community of Bose has accepted the news that its founder, fr. Enzo Bianchi, together with fr. Goffredo Boselli and to sr. Antonella Casiraghi said they accepted, albeit in a spirit of painful obedience, all the provisions contained in the Decree of the Holy See of 13 May 2020. Br. Lino Breda had declared it immediately, at the same time as the notification “.

The departure of Enzo Bianchi from Bose is not a surprise, everything stems from an inspection of 2014

From the next few days, therefore, “for the time indicated in the provisions, they will live as brothers and sisters of the community in places distinct from Bose and his fraternities”.

Nuns and monks of Bose ask “to our friends and guests who have accompanied us with prayer and affection in these difficult days”, not to “cease to intercede intensely for all of us wherever we live”. The invitation is to pray for “each one of us, and for the community as a whole, so that it can continue in the wake of its founding charism: faithful to its vocation as an ecumenical monastic community of brothers and sisters of different Christian denominations, continue to testify daily the gospel among the men and women of our time ».

In the same hours Bianchi launched an eloquent tweet: “The time has come when only silence can express the truth, because the truth must be listened to in its nakedness and on the cross that is its throne. To tell the truth before Herod, Jesus made silence. “Jesus autem tacebat!” it is written in the Gospel ».

In recent days, the Jesuit Father Bartolomeo Sorge was among those who had advised Bianchi to support the will of the Vatican: resisting and rebelling against the Pope’s decision would be “a fatal mistake,” he said. At this point Enzo Bianchi «must accept the suffering of the trial with love. Rebellion and resistance would be a fatal error because in these cases the cross is accepted even without understanding the reasons. Bianchi has to pack. ” Although Father Sorge does not know the case in all its folds and implications, he sees the signature of God: «When the Church intervenes, we kiss the hand of the Church which is our mother and has no interest in massacring a son. Then you will see the fruits, the blows are the authentication of the work of God. That is why I advise Father Bianchi to pack your bags immediately and to go where they send it, and to do it with joy ».

Pedophilia in the Church, thus denounced Father Bianchi: “It took more timeliness”

The Jesuit acknowledges that we are facing a blow that causes suffering. But, even on a human level, “the Pope at a time when he is so attacked deprives himself of his defender. This too is a sign, not a coincidence, and a Jesuit says that he was “suppressed” with the elimination of the order “. Recalling the suppression of the Society of Jesus by Clement XIV in 1773, Father Bartolomeo Sorge says that “painful events occur in the Church, such as that which happened to Father Bianchi or to us Jesuits, which do not cancel the good done. The point is that the question must be seen with the eye of faith because only with the historical eye cannot it be understood. What Father Bianchi has done well, such as teaching for the conciliar renewal of the Church or what he has done on the ecumenical level, also with the intuitions and promotion of dialogue between Catholics and Protestants, is a great contribution that cannot be canceled ” .

Father Sorge therefore invites the ex prior to accept the test even if it involves suffering: «When a very serious blow like this arrives, which will be exploited by so many parts, just think of those who define it a heretic, in my way of seeing a design is accomplished. For me, the tests are the signature of God who authenticates his works. The signature is the cross. And even if I don’t know the concrete causes, the fact that the Church intervenes with the specific authorization of the Pope for me is the signature of God. The Community of Bose will now have to correct some things and “refound”, a bit like we did we Jesuits too, who over time have had five hundred saints and canons “.

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