Enel X: new agreements to triple its charging network in Europe


Enel X announced he had tightened new eRoaming agreements to expand its recharge network by 10,500 points already available to over 30,000 across Europe. Thanks to the collaborations with Allego, Bosch and Innogy, the Italian company will allow users who use the JuicePass app to be able to recharge their electric vehicles or Plug-ins at the infrastructures of these networks present in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands . (Here we explain how to recharge an electric car)

Through the application, therefore, those who intend to travel in Europe will be able to identify the charging points of these infrastructure operators and refuel without having to enter into other contracts or use additional apps. The Allego network has over 15,000 public charging points, of which more than 1,000 Fast (from 50 to 175 kW) and 200 Ultra-Fast (from 175 to 350 kW), all installed in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and UK. The Innogy network includes around 5,000 public charging points in Germany, including 300 Fast (from 50 to 175 kW). Bosch operates a network of around 550 charging points in Germany.

But Enel X intends to move forward on this path and enter into other interoperability agreements. The goal is to offer its users up to about 736,000 public and private recharging points by 2022. Finally, it should be remembered that the Italian company has recently updated its top-up tariff, lowering the prices of those in alternating current and arranging specific costs for energy supplies made abroad.

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