Enabling extraordinary competition: this is how annual service is calculated


The enabling procedure was started on May 28th and expires on July 3rd. The requirement is 3 years of service. Let’s see how an annuity is calculated.

Agata writes

Hi I would need clarification regarding the calculation of the annual service fees for the extraordinary qualifying competition. In 2016 I had a substitute from February 19th to August 31st: I CAN CONSIDER IT. IN THE YEAR 2017/2018 I had a replacement for the replacement of sickness renewed at the expiry of each month from November 4, 2017 until June 13, 2018. Is the year valid even if it is not in a single contract? Thanks

Number of valid years

In order to participate in the enabling procedure, it is necessary to declare at least three years of service, even if not consecutive, carried out between s. 2008/09 and the 2019/20 school year on common place or support.

Where you need to have them

The three annuities may have been carried out at the peer schools or in the IeFP courses provided that the relative service has been carried out for the type of place or for the courses attributable to the competition classes of Presidential Decree 19/2016 and subsequent amendments. The service can also be mixed: state and equal / IeFP;

Not only that, but the three years of service may have been carried out in different school orders, without prejudice to the obligation of the specific service year (e.g. two years in primary and one in the required grade of I or II);

How do you calculate a year of service

The service provided is considered valid in the school year reference for at least 180 days, even if not consecutive, or loaned uninterruptedly from 1 February until the end of the final ballot.


In the case of the colleague, the only calculation to be done is to count, for each of the reference years, if the 180 days of service are reached.

In these cases the 180 days are counted as per calendar, for each contract and school year of reference.

For 2016/17, there are 180 days from 19 February to 31/8. Although in this case it is a bit anomalous to have a contract until 31/8 for a substitution that starts in February. But in any case, if this is the contract, the days are there.

For the second contract, from November 4 2017 to June 13 2018, also in this case there is the achievement of 180 days as it does not matter that it was not a single contract, what matters is the number of total days.

I remember, for non-permanent teachers, that at least one of the 3 years must have been carried out on the class of competition for which the qualifying procedure is accessed.

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