Emilio Fede arrested in Naples for evasion from house arrest


The journalist Emilio Fede been arrested a Naples by evasion. According to reports from Rome, the former director of TG4 was having dinner with his wife, Diana De Feo, in a restaurant on the seafront, to celebrate his 89th birthday (which occurs tomorrow, June 24).

The carabinieri would have handed him the request of the magistrate of Milan in which the journalist is considered a fugitive for evasion: Fede, in fact, would not have waited for the authorization of the judge of the Milanese surveillance court and, after 7 months of domicile expired, he would have put himself traveling to Naples after having informed the carabinieri of Segrate. The journalist must complete the sentence with another 4 years of social services.

Faith was slated to return to Milan on Thursday. At the moment, Fede would be stuck in his hotel, waiting for the judge’s decision to be taken on Tuesday morning.

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June 23, 2020 (change June 23, 2020 | 08:38)


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