Emilio Fede and arrest for evasion, the parable of a reckless life: memorable moments and anecdotes


Think that his dad had been a brigadier of the weapon and also decorated with military valor on the Somali front. This is the parable of the former director of Tg4, who escaped to dine with his wife, which is not obvious if you are serving a sentence for aiding prostitution.

The story is that of the elegant dinners by Silvio Berlusconi, by Ruby Rubacuori, by Nicole Minetti dental hygienist and regional councilor, of a whole glittering world of little olgettes who do lap dance disguised as Ilda Boccassini. The parable of Emilio Fede that of a young man born in Sicily, raised in Ostia which he says am ambitious, partisan, liar.

He joined Rai in 1961 as a Tg journalist, he dealt with various news, in 1964 marries Diana De Feo, who returned to her home in shock the other night, and who at the time was the daughter of the powerful vice president of Rai Italo De Feo. From here, for the young Emilio, the nicknames that start from special wedding to son of first necessity. To shake the label, he tries to retrace his father’s footsteps, tries to make a reputation in Africa, where he conducts investigations for Tv7 and, for eight years, is the special envoy or the special envy, as he called himself, already then to justify the string of appellatives that is enriched with Mock the African, for easily understandable reasons concerning expense reports and complaints of material stolen by local brigands. Malignit, judging by the results, because then, on Tg1, Faith makes a carrier: editor in chief, deputy director, director pro tempore, director.

So, in 1982, at the Ripetta residence in Rome, the meeting with Silvio Berlusconi, but the appointment with fate postponed to 1989, when the Knight makes private TV and instructs him to create the Videonews information structure and later the Italia Uno news. In the middle, it must happen that Fede leaves Rai, following one gambling scandal, where he is acquitted, Flavio Briatore condemned and the chronicles tell of reckless nights, between Milan, Bergamo, hotels and casinos in the former Yugoslavia, where Faith and a fake marquis, and a real count, a lawyer with three surnames and showmen, like Pupo who loses 60 million lire and industrialists who also lose six hundred thousand, are duped. Already then, Faith loves to go through tombeur de femme. Over the years, he will tell of a youthful flirtation with Enza Samp, suggesting that he was the lover of Audrey Hepburn, except then specifying that he has been cooked but not reciprocated, to say of secret meetings with Maria Pia Fanfani tired of eating beans and pork rinds every evening with her husband Amintore. To confess that to soften the women he said he had been abandoned by his parents and that it worked.

The Don Juan it makes him feel an elective affinity with his employer, who rewards him with direct praise, which he defends with a drawn sword when he goes into politics, at the cost of getting a fine of one hundred thousand euros for violation of the level playing field. Someone admires him because he shamelessly does what others do hypocritically. Wedding ring man at the service of a man and a cause.

He himself boasts that Berlusconi has reserved him a niche in the Arcore mausoleum erected by the master Pietro Cascella. The nights of Arcore and Villa Certosa, with him taking the girls to the car by the sultan, then maybe making them meteoric at Tg4, are a chapter in our history, with unsolved detective stories, such as that of the minor Noemi Letizia, known according to Berlusconi himself because he was a friend of his family, but according to the girl’s boyfriend, because he was on a model book left to Emilio Fede. Which, then, admit to Courier service to have seen her for an audition and rejected for diction problems, but without knowing that she knew Berlusconi, otherwise she would have examined it with other eyes. All that trafficking of auditions, apartments paid to girls in difficulty, innocent ballets and envelopes of seven thousand euros led Faith, in 2011, to be investigated by the Milan Prosecutor for aiding prostitution in the case of the minor Ruby, together with the show agent Lele Mora and Nicole Minetti.

emerge memorable scenes. Like that of Fede con Mora who, as in Tot Peppino and badly they write a letter to the boss to tell him that Lele is a good boy, who risks bankruptcy, bankruptcy, jail and in short needs money. One million and 200 thousand euros, specifically. Then, it will be said that Emilio wanted to make the crest, keep 400 thousand for himself. A misunderstanding, a fake, will defend himself.

I’m years lived rudely, in which the story that Faith was rejected by a Swiss bank with one stands out case packed with two and a half million cash, an event that ends in nothing, indeed, accuses him, ends up with thieves who enter his house to steal money he does not have. The relations of the director with the chief begin to falter there. And an endless slope, which he cannot understand. When Mediaset wants to dismiss him, he tries to resist, screams, points his feet.

In the years that are still of freedom, it sports one shot smooth face, cheeks suddenly leavened, denies aesthetic retouches, for prolonged blepharoplasty lessons, pinprick, botulinum, betraying himself too informed on the subject. He goes around that a mask of himself, still proud to be him. Then he eclipsed himself, under house arrest. Meteorites are gone, meteors by definition. He is imprisoned at home in Milan, battered by health. His wife remains in his born Naples, but close to his heart, which he told the weekly last December Today: Berlusconi does not want to have problems, he thinks only for himself. So who touches him? You ask me if he was ungrateful? Yes, I think you could say that. to reach her that Faith escaped from house arrest.

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