Emanuela Orlandi, new sit-in in Sant’Apollinare 37 years after her disappearance


The latest news on the sad and infinite story of Emanuela Orlandi, the fifteen-year-old daughter of the papal clerk Ercole vanished into thin air when green buses were still circulating in Rome and tokens were used tokens, dates back to April 30, in full lockdown: the Vatican, after the Italian judiciary (in 2015), recently closed the investigation into the Orlandi case, in the specific case relating to the mountain of bones piled up in the hatches of the Teutonic cemetery. No, not even in the small cemetery located within the Sacred walls, according to the judge of Oltretevere, there were remains of Emanuela: the fragments found are in fact datable in the period prior to the disappearance of the fifteen year old. The most recent date back to at least a hundred years ago. The family can make checks, the conclusion was.


Emanuela Orlandi, the story and the characters of a mystery
Karol Wojtyla’s appeal to the Angelus on July 3, 1983

Emanuela Orlandi

A blow to the hopes of Pietro Orlandi and the other relatives, who return to demonstrate: scheduled for tomorrow 22 June 2020, from 6 to 8 pm, in Piazza Sant’Apollinare, the sit-in organized by Emanuela’s brother and the Fb group that supports his battle, to commemorate the 37th anniversary of the kidnapping of Emanuela Orlandi. Not a random place: in that square, around 7pm on that 22 June 1983, the girl with the band found herself leaving the music school (where she attended flute and choral singing lessons) and spar. His last signal was a call home. The parents, Hercules and mum Maria, were not there. He spoke to one of the sisters, to whom he said he had received a strange offer to make leaflets on behalf of a cosmetic company, Avon, in exchange for a disproportionate amount: 375 thousand lire in one afternoon.

A trap, a trap. Who had approached the unfortunate student with the shoulder flute and denim overalls? the first of the many mysteries that led Emanuela, together with her peer Mirella Gregori, who disappeared a month earlier, at the center of a very complicated intrigue that the first letters of claim and the request for exchange with Al Agca tied immediately to the attack on Pope John Paul II made by the Turkish extremist in St. Peter’s Square two years earlier, on 13 May 1981.

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