Elon Musk against Jeff Bezos: ” The time has come to divide Amazon and split the monopoly ”


Elon Musk goes against Jeff Bezos and the “monopoly” that Amazon is carrying out towards world publishing. In this case it sounds really hard towards the CEO of the e-commerce giant with a tweet that is nothing more than frontal attack by the genius of Elon Musk, perhaps also strong in the conquest of the ISS thanks to the launch of his Crew Dragon spacecraft . The head of SpaceX expressed the urgency of dissolving the monopoly represented by the multinational in the field of e-commerce: “Time to tear Amazon apart. Monopolies are wrong!”

Space X against Amazon: the reasons for Musk’s outburst

Why did Elon Musk virtually “shout” against Jeff Bezos and his giant Amazon? The story basically concerns a response to Alex Berenson, an American journalist who accused Amazon on Twitter of not having put his self-produced book on the market. The reason? The book claims that some of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been artfully inflated by the media. A book with disagreements but that in fact could not be implemented by Berenson because of the refusal to publish the book by the giant by Jeff Bezos. The American journalist accused Amazon of censorship against him. The reporter then received the somewhat unexpected support of Elon Musk who decided to intervene by judging the ban as “crazy” and accusing the Bezos company as “monopolist”.

Amazon is feared by everyone because its enormous potential and its future as a “monopolist” company could create some headaches for many. In fact, in this case the public release of Elon Musk justified not only by attacking Amazon for ” business ” reasons but above all because the American journalist’s statements regarding the COVID-19 pandemic are shared by the CEO of Tesla is SpaceX. We know that Elon Musk has widely criticized closing factories during the lockdown. He was therefore not surprised by his stance in favor of the book in question.
An Amazon spokesman explained that the book had been removed in error and which was readily included in the catalog. And who knows if thanks to the intrusion of Elon Musk or really for a mistake that can actually happen? In fact, the journalist publicly thanked the creator of SpaceX and the American space dream for supporting it.
in conclusion a story with a happy ending that however opens a debate that many have had on Amazon for some time. The Justice Department last year launched a large antitrust investigation of major technology companies, including Amazon, to assess, as reported in the Wall Street Journal, their possible dominant position in the internet world. But the Federal Trade Commission is also examining Amazon and in particular its acquisitions as part of a larger investigation into the giants of Silicon Valley. Congress has also asked for a “stew” for Amazon to cope with its now excessive size and its dominance in online shopping.

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