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The Last of Us 2 is the protagonist of a series of offers on products for sale within the catalog of Multiplayer.com, one of which stands out in particular official statuette of Ellie with Bow, in addition to a series of gadgets that can make collectors happy.

Considering that it is undoubtedly the game of the moment, the objects in question will certainly be of some interest to many users, therefore we point out here some particular offers of a certain impact for fans of The Last of Us and beyond.

Let’s start with the Dark Horse figurine of Ellie with Bow, taken from The Last of Us 2: it is a 20 cm high PVC object, designed by Nughty Dog and made by Gentle Giant. Currently available at price of 54.90 euros with 8% discount on the original price and free shipping.

We then continue with Ellie’s Funko Pop, one vinyl figurine 9 cm belonging to the famous series of thematic gadgets, also obviously based on The Last of Us 2, at a price of 11.95 euros.

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Based on a similar principle but made with a distinctly different style, on the other hand, is the statuette from the Nendoroid series by Ellie, in the Good Style version: the gadget shows Ellie always armed with a bow, gun or brick and with the possibility of using two faces frontal: a standard expression and a screaming expression. All at the price of 64.90 euros.

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Finally, an object that has a much deeper functionality in terms of video game: it is in fact the DualShock 4 themed The Last of Us 2 controller in limited edition, available at the price of 74.90 euros on Multiplayer.com.

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