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The theme of single network between TIM and Open Fiber continues to be discussed in Italy. After Beppe Grillo’s comments and reactions from some political representatives, he also took the floor the CEO of Open Fiber, Elisabetta Ripa, which confirmed, among other things, the negotiation with Iliad.

Elisabetta Ripa, the manager at the helm of the wholesale operator and concessionaire of the Infratel calls, had been defined by Grillo as not up to his role.

The ex-comedian had indeed called on his blog the entry into the leadership of Open Fiber of a new face capable of actively working on the merger with TIM, defining the Open Fiber experiment, at present, a failure.

The CEO of Open Fiber was interviewed by The messenger and got to answer several questions about the single network. First, according to Ripa the company has not failed in its goal and constitutes the opposite “A solid reality” being the third largest group of the FTTH network in Europe and the first wholesale only supplier.

Secondly, in response to the comment on the need for a greater share of CdP in TIM, according to the CEO of Open Fiber, this is a proposal to be carefully evaluated, remembering however that “The country needs industrial policy, not a political confrontation”. According to Ripa, the priority for Italians is in fact to have the ultra-wide band at home, with all the services that derive from it.

In no uncertain terms, Elisabetta Ripa said that the single network, in the short and medium term, would not help, also because it would block the activities and investments that Open Fiber is making in this period. On the contrary, the manager said that the single network could be a solution for TIM and for the sustainability of its position over time.

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Open Fiber

Hand in hand with the extension of his roofing project, Open Fiber has also increased its partnerships. In fact, as is well known, Orange Business Services has chosen the wholesale operator for its landing in Italy, exactly like Sky who recently launched Sky Wifi on the Open Fiber network up to 1 Gbps.

In this regard, in response to a question about new collaborations, Elisabetta Ripa has confirmed that a negotiation is underway with Iliad and has not denied that this is already well underway.

Therefore, it cannot be excluded that the launch of Iliad in the fixed sector could already materialize in the last quarter of 2020 or in the first quarter of 2021.

On the other hand, Benedetto Levi himself said that Iliad is approaching the launch of the fixed, compared to the initial plans, recalling that the landing would not require large initial investments given the presence of wholesale operators such as Open Fiber.

Finally, with reference to delays on the network, Elisabetta Ripa recalled that her company has actually been active for only 2 and a half years and was born to solve a much older problem. With reference to the delays and penalties, Ripa replied:

“Those who do, make mistakes and those who don’t … teach. Of course it could have been done faster and we are doing it. We have laid the foundation for the plan and are already accelerating investment. “

According to Ripa, the target is still set for 2022, with a 2023 shift for four regions. The acceleration in coverage may however come from the new business plan which provides for the extension of coverage thanks to a support of up to € 450 million by shareholders.

In this regard, the rumors about the proposal to CoBUL to suspend 1100 projects in white areas have been defined as false by the CEO of Open Fiber, while the interest of infrastructure funds such as Macquarie is not surprising Ripa, who recalls how the market defines the value.

The Australian fund would indeed be interested in acquire the stake held by Enel in Open Fiber, as confirmed by the company itself.

In this regard, it is noted that as mentioned by Republic However, Cdp could exercise its right of first refusal if Enel decides to sell its share at market conditions or if it receives a binding offer after the one (instead non-binding) expiring this month and that Enel would have asked to extend for further evaluations.

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