Eleven meters – Sarri trial opened, but the sentence only at the end of the season. “Possession” is no longer enough, the technician clings to Pipita


Juve saw the second seasonal trophy vanish. The final lost (on penalties) against Napoli was a heavy hit. It is true that there are still Scudetto and Champions to play, but it is the general condition of the Bianconeri that does not lead to optimism.

Juve in two games against Milan and Gattuso’s men produced very little playing under rhythm and without that “competitive anger” that is needed at certain moments of the season. Congratulations to Napoli who showed more than Juve that they wanted the Italian Cup and who already deserved to win in the regular 90 minutes.
The question to ask now is this: what is happening to Juve?
It is clear that there are many extenuating circumstances, there have been 90 days of inactivity due to Covid-19 but this “problem” has all the teams. In my opinion, what must worry is above all the offensive sterility of a team full of champions but that has appeared almost soulless.
The trial of Sarri and Sarrismo has started (as expected). I believe that the sums should be drawn at the end of the season. Certainly the bianconeri cannot afford other missteps.
Even winning the championship will not be easy with the hungry Lazio at one point and Inter not too far behind to be considered out of the game.
Then in August there will be the Champions League and there it will be necessary to be ready for head and legs.
In the meantime the fate of the Championship will be decided, it will be played non-stop every 3 days and I expect results that are also surprising.
Sarri is perhaps experiencing the worst moment since he was on the Juventus bench. The bianconeri are in front of a crossroads: to resume expeditiously a winning path or to see the championship crumble too. It would really be a hiatus.
In the next 3 months Sarri is playing the confirmation, but he has the opportunity to change the skeptics and start winning something important in Italy too.
The possibility of recovering is there, as long as the team finds an acceptable soul and fitness.
Having possession of the ball is not enough to win competitions: movements without ball, insertions, application, determination are needed. All the things that Juve missed in the last two games. As if that wasn’t enough, it rains in the wet with two heavy stops: Khedira (yet another muscle problem) and Alex Sandro. A really bad thing.
The hope is that Sarri will soon find Higuain again. The Pipita is the only real role point present in pink and is essential. It serves as an advanced reference like bread but the thing that serves most of all is to reattach the plug.
I read about trials and criticisms of Sarri, many are starting to worry. Personally I am convinced that the season can still give great satisfaction to the bianconeri but the environment must believe it and be charged.
You can’t give up now. This was a strange, particular season but everything is still at stake.
Being able to focus now only on the Championship could be an advantage, just as it could be an advantage to get to play the Champions League in August when the condition should be much better. With the new Final Eight formula you will need to be ready and get in shape and with the right mental charge.
After all, it would only be 4 races to the finish, it is about being able to hit 4 impeccable races to get to the Cup, a more unique than rare occasion. It will then be played in Portugal at the home of Cr7, one more reason not to disfigure.
This is not the time of the trials, those will be done at the end of the season when the sums are drawn. The next stop is Bologna, there we will understand if Sarri and his people are in a black crisis or if they have resumed their journey. Certainly the match against Mihajlović’s men is perhaps one of the most delicate matches of the season, toppling it could make the Bianconeri fall into a very dangerous whirlwind.



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