Electric cars: with Bosch you can access 150 thousand charging stations


Recharging an electric car is one of the problems that people face when buying a vehicle of this type. According to some research by UScale and NewMotion, on average users have 6 apps charging on your smartphone e up to 5 cards for access to the stations. If we add to this that it is often not clear whether a column is free or not and if it works, the situation is certainly not practical.

Bosch has set itself the target to make the charging experience of electric cars more convenient for the people. The company, in fact, is working to create services that allow owners of battery-powered vehicles to be able to access one of the largest charging networks in Europe. To date, through the smartphone, it is already possible to access more than 150,000 stations in 16 European countries.

All with great ease, since to register, top up and pay you can do everything in a few steps. Moreover, there is maximum transparency on the prices applied. This extensive network was created by entering into contracts with operators and using methods such as roaming to connect to the columns. In addition, it is expected that in 2020 it will count on around 200,000 charging stations across Europe. Access to the network is possible through the proprietary “Charge My EV” app (not currently available in Italy) or those of the partners. For more information on how to recharge an electric car, please refer to our dedicated guide.

But Bosch’s plans go far beyond the single smartphone app. The company, in fact, is developing an integrated navigation and charging solution where infotainment and electric propulsion system work together. Thanks to this solution, car manufacturers and fleet managers can offer a new user experience that simplifies the management of recharging.

This type of procedure constantly updates drivers and electric vehicles on the remaining charge and on where it is possible to recharge. If the station identified is busy, another stop is automatically reprogrammed to reload and, consequently, the navigation system is also reprogrammed. In addition, the recommended routes and charging stations are adapted to the driver’s preferences, such as, for example, the desire to refuel particularly quickly or economically.

Drivers can also request the system to search for stations close to restaurants or with free WiFi in order to enjoy some additional services during the stop.

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