Electric cars: the 2 million km batteries are ready


When it comes to electric car batteries, it is often discussed how long they actually last and their degradation. Today, electric vehicle manufacturers typically offer an 8-year warranty on average. Much in an absolute sense but one cannot fail to remember that the same guarantee applies only in the case of the accumulator falls below a precise level of efficiency, usually around 70%. And if the problem arises after the warranty expires, replacement costs may exceed the residual value of the car.

CATL, a company specialized in the development of batteries and with which the Elon Musk company has carried out it development of new accumulators., claimed to be ready to produce batteries lasting one million miles. In particular, Zeng Yuqun, president of CATL, highlighted that they are ready to make accumulators capable of last for about 16 years and power an electric vehicle for 1.24 million miles (about 2 million Km). A product that will be available from now on to all those who want it. The Chinese company has collaboration agreements with the likes of BMW and Toyota but also supplies the battery cells for the Model 3 produced in China.

Pending the arrival of much more sophisticated solutions that can retire the current battery technology, it seems that what CATL has developed can already put an end to the problem of the duration of the batteries over time. With 16 years guaranteed, the whole life of the car should be covered.

The Chinese company has also collaborated with Tesla for the construction of batteries for electric cars that the Elon Musk company intends to produce at home. The technologies obtained by the American manufacturer thanks to the acquisition of Maxwell also contributed to the development of this project.

Elon Musk has repeatedly anticipated that something important will be announced during Battery Day which unfortunately has been repeatedly postponed following the outbreak of the global health emergency. These batteries developed in collaboration between the manufacturer and CATL, in addition to being long-lasting, should offer a significantly lower cost than the current ones. This would theoretically lower the production prices of electric cars, making them close to those of traditional cars.

These new accumulators should initially be available only for Tesla built in China and then they can also be installed on models assembled in other countries. All that remains is to wait for Battery Day to find out what Tesla will have to say about the batteries.

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