Electric cars: green plates arrive in England


England has decided to introduce some specific plates to identify electric cars. They will recognize each other as they present a green band on the side. The announcement of this novelty was given by Grant Shapps, Secretary of Transportation, and is part of a far more ambitious government plan that aims to reach the zero emissions target by 2050.

The choice to equip electric cars with these “green plates” was not made by chance. First of all, there would be the will to push people towards using these vehicles making them recognizable. In addition, these plates will facilitate identification of green vehicles by local authorities who will be able to offer them a series of facilities such as cheaper parking or entry into areas closed to other cars. Benefits that could further push people to decide to buy this category of cars.

The government also decided to allocate £ 12 million, that is about 13.4 million euros, for a series of research that can improve charging technologies for electric cars. Will these moves be enough to convince the British to choose battery-powered vehicles? Difficult to say. What is certain is that the British government is strongly targeting more sustainable mobility. In this regard, it is recalled, in fact, that the country plans to block the sale of endothermic cars, including hybrid ones, by 2035.

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