Elections, technical error on the vote of confidence: it is repeated tomorrow at 9.30


The vote of confidence in the Senate on the elections was canceled due to the lack of the legal number of those present in the Chamber. This is learned from the majority and opposition parliamentary groups that have already alerted their senators. Today 149 parliamentarians were present in the Chamber, but the bar of the legal number seems to be that of 150 presences. And on this the presidency of Palazzo Madama has made the verifications finding an error in the calculation of the leave. A technical mistake that will result in a new vote tomorrow morning at 9.30. A similar precedent dates back to a 1989 session.


The oppositions, from the moment following the vote, had complained about the presence of the legal number in the vote of confidence, with which the Senate had definitively fired the election decree with 145 if 2 votes against, those of Senators Emma Bonino and Matteo Richetti . 149 people were present, 147 were voters. But after some checks, an error occurred on the legal number, which was not equal to 149 but 150. Therefore, the vote is null and must be carried out again. Tomorrow the last date for the conversion of the decree.

June 18, 2020 (change June 18, 2020 | 9:44 pm)


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