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Elden Ring it was announced about a year ago but since then there have been no further updates on the game, which in fact never happened shown in any form and it might not even do it for the rest of the 2020thus remaining far from the spotlight for several months.

According to what reported by Imran Khan by Kinda Funny, Elden Ring not only wouldn’t be expected go out in 2020, but it may not show up for the rest of the year apparently, suggesting a still rather backward state of development that would push the team to still avoid to exhibit the game, waiting to have something more substantial for an official presentation.

Elden Ring may therefore not show up in 2020, but this does not mean that there are no big news coming from From Software: as always reported by Khan, the fan of From Software they will have “many reasons to be happy in the next two years“, apparently. Nothing else has been specified, but there may therefore be various projects that are of particular interest to fans of the Japanese team.

Among these, there may also be the famous possible remake of Demon’s Souls by BluePoint for PS5, which is among the projects that falls within the wishes of the fans of From Software, while among the recent news there has been a return of flame on the rumors on Bloodborne for PC, mentioned by Khan himself in a tweet but without being able to comment specifically on the topic.

We are therefore awaiting information: we would have expected to see Elden Ring during this summer, perhaps in one of the various main events such as the presentation of PS5 or the Microsoft event in July, but these new statements by Khan question the his actual presence for 2020.

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